Here you'll find my thoughts on a few various different subjects, along with a few stories and some know-how. Like the author, it'll all be quite loosely organised. Probably not the most polished page on the web, but I make no apologies. If you have any comments, criticism, advice or questions on anything you've read here, I'm all ears.

First up, the title. Yeah, there's a story behind it, a good one too. A small handful of people know it already, and if you'd like to join them in the inner sanctum, drop me a line. If you can tell me an equally interesting story, or a half decent joke, I'll let you in on the secret.

Secondly, this site is a work in progress and will be updated from time to time. If you have something you think may fit in here, either your thoughts on a subject or maybe a tutorial, then Drop me a line.

Lastly, all the writing and photographs are by myself unless stated otherwise. If you want to use anything from here somewhere else, ask first. I'll be so flattered I'll probably say yes. I'd like to apologise for the ads on this site. I cant vouch for any of the services or products they offer, and have no control over 'em. I'm flat broke, and the site was built using free web space. The ads are the downside. Dem's the breaks...

Right, how about it? Heres some of that content I've been promising...


The guy needed his own section, folks.


Some thoughts, on some subjects. See what you think.


Some links I like enough to want to share with my (obviously intellectual and sophisticated) readers.


Think of it as cyber graffiti, or an electronic inukshuk. Let them know you were here.


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